Valley Anger Management Programs

Valley Anger Management Programs - Your Anger Is No Longer An Issue!

Anger is a healthy and absolutely normal human emotion. This, however, becomes a problem when you lack the ability to express the emotion effectively, resulting in problem or destructive behavior. Do you react quickly or violently to small problems? Do you like withdrawing or shutting down when angry? Or perhaps you just lack patience, highly irritable and short tempered. All these are strong signs of anger issues which should be addressed without delay. If you observe these signs in your day-to-day association with people, then this program is for you! Through the use behavior modification techniques as well as awareness training, a greatly tempered individual can be positively impacted. However, it is important to note that anger management courses are not to designed to prevent the anger feeling, but rather to teach you how to respond in a more positive and constructive way to the powerful emotion.

Our programs (which are approved by courts, probation departments, DCFS and Board of Registered Nursing) are tailored to help individuals with anger issues better understand and regulate their emotions. In doing so, we help you retain your job, avoid divorce, have a better social life and greatly influence your overall quality of life! Every anger issue is unique and must be treated with utmost care. Consequently, we work hand-in-hand with you to identify your primary anger trigger, develop a surefire treatment plan and help you learn to manage your emotions in the best possible way. We have been featured in several TV shows and our testimonials from clients are provided on the website to showcase our immense track record of success!

Our Anger Management Program Goals

Our programs are offered both in individual and group sessions with the aim of helping you learn how to:

  • Understand anger in various forms
  • Manage instant responses of anger
  • Respond to anger positively
  • Incorporate the ideal communication style (which include how to effectively communicate your needs while respecting others)

At Valley Anger Management, its a perfect mix of experience, passion and skills!

Our programs are delivered by well versed and experienced counselors who are highly passionate about their services. Whether online, in-person, online meeting, domestic violence or stress management, you can be sure to derive the wide array of benefits offered by our programs based on your particular circumstance and highly dependent on your full participation. Schedule an appointment today to see one of our skilled facilitators and cut yourself loose of the grave consequences accompanying uncontrolled emotions!