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Stress Management Classes

At Valley Anger Management we specialize in stress management and understand the causes of stress and how it leads to anxiety, depression, addiction, compulsive behavior and physical illness. This is why our stress management program is designed for identifying, understanding and coping with stressors. Although small amounts of stress are healthy we can’t allow our stressors to control how we experience life. One of our highly trained counselors will guide you through our Stress Management Program designed to assist in understanding why we experience stress and how to prevent stressors from controlling of your life.

Our Stress Management Program provides knowledge and tools needed to mitigate stress by guiding understanding of causes and ways to manage them. Many people avoid sources of stress because they fear confrontation and conflict; the fear is stronger than the need to solve a problem. When this happens people avoid solving problems if they feel it will result in conflict; that is an example of a stressor. What you learn during your stress management classes will help uncover your stressors and teach you to manage them.

Valley Anger Management’s Stress Management Program teaches you how to use stressors as motivation, instead of allowing stress to be destructive to your way of life. As we learn to manage stressors and the stress caused by them we become better communicators and live happier lives.

When and where do our Stress Management classes meet?

Class Type


Woodland Hills
INDV $80-$100
EVAL $55
FAM $150


Here at Valley Anger Management we stand behind our quality of services. To insure quality of service, it is required that everyone who wishes to attend group classes first attend an evaluation session.
(Evaluation sessions are one on one informational session with a counselor who seeks to better understand personal, family and professional history of relationships, substance abuse, violence and/or past mental issues.)

*All prices are for online prepaid appointments or cash only at our location

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Our Solution

Here at Valley Anger Management we understand the importance of making positive changes to our lives. This is why Valley Anger Management is here. How we help you accomplish positive changes is by finding a unique treatment plan based on our curriculum that focuses on your needs.

One of our highly trained counselors will meet with you in a one on one setting and assess your needs during your intake session. The counselor will then help you discover your needs, goals and values while guiding your progress. It is important to know the causes of stress and how you can change your life to avoid becoming a victim to your own emotions.

It is our mission to provide the support you need and can use today to get stress under control and prevent it from controlling your life. It is our plan to guide your progress while uncovering and providing solutions for stressors and the stress they cause. This way, we learn how to celebrate life and enjoy today.