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Valley Stress Management Classes - Offering You The Best Stress Antidote!

Are you often irritable? Do you have trouble sleeping? Finding it difficult to concentrate and complete complex tasks? Or perhaps you’re getting sick more often (colds, flu) or suddenly developed chronic health issues (high blood pressure, backaches). These are among the several indicators of stress which you simply can not afford to ignore. According to APA (American Psychological Association), stress is among the six leading causes of death in the United States.

When there is a high level of stress, be it in the office, at home or other areas of life, one’s health is always at the receiving end. Generally, stress take its toll in numerous ways which includes shutting down of the digestion system as well as impairing one’s immune system. Consequently, making you susceptible to a number of health problems, ranging from irritable bowel and coronary heart disease to chronic fatigue syndrome. And several studies have also linked chronic stress with a number of heart attacks.

Acquire Highly Effective Stress Management Skills With Valley Anger Management Inc Today!

The key to stress management is control. Your thoughts are “I can’t cope” or “I don’t think I can handle it” which continually gets you even more overwhelmed and out of control. The more of those feelings you get, the more the stress you create because it is what we think about an event and our perception that its beyond our ability to cope with, that really fuels stress. And when there is a high level of stress not only is your health at great risk, but you also tend to react angrily or even violently to the slightest provocations.

As a top stress management specialist, approved and accepted by Board of Registered Nursing, we have been able to help several individuals suffering from stress at work. We help you learn and understand how to control the emotions and thoughts that aggravates stress and give you a surefire approach to:

  • Turn off stress triggers
  • Develop resilience and coping resources
  • Deactivate the secret stress engine - rumination
  • Incorporate tension reduction techniques
  • Manage time pressure and crisis mentality
  • Improve positive emotions and optimism
  • Ameliorate time management

Our promise is to help you learn how to use stressors as motivation and limit the harmful effects of stress while maintaining the vitality and quality of life. Our classes can be taken 100% online or in person depending on your needs. Join us today and learn how stress can be effectively and positively managed!

Individual Stress Management
$103 Session
  • Office : Woodland Hills
  • Time : 8:00AM – 8:00PM
  • Day : Monday – Friday