Our Workshop Programs

Valley Anger Management’s Workplace Programs are designed to guide business owners through a program designed to improve workplace environments, such as, employee/customer relationship, employee/employee relationships and employee/management/supervisor relationships. Here are a few examples of causes that lead to workplace violence; examples are an unmanaged workload, stress, anger and negative or disrespectful behavior towards customers, employees, management or supervisors. Providing services and care to your company to insure a professional, productive and healthy work environment is our missions here at Valley Anger Management.

According to the Department of Labor roughly 2 million American workers have reported being the victim of violence in the workplace. Our services lower the percentage of dangerous or violent acts at work but it also provides a safe environment for clients, staff as well as an increased in employee productivity and relationships. We offer onsite, online and in class sessions. These programs are ideal for employers seeking to fulfill a desired status quo, increase quarterly profits or meet court ordered requirements.

Through our programs, employees, managers and supervisors will learn how to assertively communicate with one another. The future of your company’s success depends on employees, managers and supervisors ability to control anger and stress in the workplace. By implementing our workplace programs your company will successfully reduced friction and tension, increase company moral, increase customer satisfaction, profit margins and decreased the chance of workplace incidents.

Valley Anger Management is backed by Licensed Psychotherapists, Certified Anger Management Facilitators, Certified Domestic Violence Facilitators and over 20 years of experience on the job and in the workplace assisting professionals make changes to improve interpersonal relationships at work, at home or at school. Valley Anger Management is prepared to improve quality of performance at the workplace one employee at a time or within a group/seminar setting. We not only help employees and their families, but we also help businesses save thousands of dollars and valuable employees.

Valley Anger Managements Workplace Programs provide solutions for

  • Attendance Ex. excessive tardiness, leaving work early or unexcused absences
  • Productivity Ex. poor judgment, missed deadlines, wasted work hours and materials
  • Work patterns Ex. low productivity, poor quality of work, overreactions to criticism and mood swings
  • Concentration Issues Ex. distractions, trouble recalling/following instructions and missed deadlines
  • Safety Issues Ex. disregard for personal safety or safety of others, improper use of company supplies
  • Poor Hygiene and Health Ex. grooming habits
  • Unacceptable Behavior Ex. rude comments, intimidation and threats
  • Drugs/Alcohol Ex. workplace Intoxication or drug use
  • Employee Emotional Issues Ex. crying, anger and stress
  • Lack of Responsibility Ex. inability to accept responsibility, incomplete or undone assignments
  • Depression Ex. low energy, low productivity and lack of enthusiasm
  • Employee Support Service Ex. counseling, anger management/stress management programs and leadership skills

Our Solution

Preventing Workplace Violence

A major component in an effective workplace program is its prevention strategy. By focusing on solutions for communication, awareness, prevention, threatening, intimidation or violent behavior a workplace can be completely free of disgruntled employees and violence. It is imperative that all employees, including managers and supervisors, learn and understand our program. Managers and supervisors are expected to discuss the policies and programs with their staff so they understand how to handle intimidating, threatening or violent behavior, as well as, understanding the consequences of such behavior, such as, disciplinary actions, employment termination and/or criminal charges.

Work Environment

Our effective prevention strategies minimize resentment, othering and hostility in the workplace. This is done by maintaining consistent and unbiased discipline for employees who display defiance, unacceptable conduct and poor performance. The result is the creation of a professional, productive and healthy work environment.

Early Intervention

Early intervention can defuse a volatile situation and provide management and supervisors with the skills, knowledge and opportunity required to resolve workplace issues before they escalate. Early intervention strategies set the tone for how to effectively cope with and handle workplace situations before they lead to anger, stress, othering and violence. We provide workplace intervention tools and strategies that vary depending on those involved and the situations encountered.

Appropriate Action

Supervisors and managers are required to have workplace training, educational tools and strategies to take action against and prevent unacceptable, unnecessary or dangerous behaviors. Employees must be aware that violence is not acceptable in the workplace and will not be tolerated or appropriate action will be taken against them if threats of violence or violence occur. Please Click here to see available packages