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Court Approved In-Class Anger & Domestic Violence Courses

Here at Valley Anger Management we understand that distance learning does not provide the traditional learning experience that older generations are accustomed to and prefer to learn in. That’s why we’ve provide in-class services. This way, those who prefer to learn in a traditional setting can join us at our locations for private, group or family sessions.

We provide the highest quality of services available for in-class training to assist in the unlearning of destructive behaviors that cause stress, anxiety and anger. Our methods are approved and accepted by courts, probation officers, The California Board of Corrections and The California Board of Substance Abuse. Our highly recommended facilitators are trained in every aspect of anger and stress management techniques assisting and guiding individuals, couples and families in overcoming their communication issues by teaching them how to remain calm and assertive while dealing with the issues involving friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, managers and supervisors.

With the support of Valley Anger Managements non-judgmental staff, expect to express your views and understandings at a comfortable pace uncovering reasons why you think, feel and act the way you do. Our programs, by design, help reveal and solve issues related to anger, stress and domestic violence. It is required that everyone who wishes to attend our classes attend an evaluation session, First. Evaluation sessions are one on one informational session with a counselor who seeks better understandings of personal, family and professional history of relationships, substance abuse, violence and/or past mental issues to better accommodate your needs.

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To learn about Valley Anger Managements success stories read one of our many handwritten testimonials from clients that have learned the advantages of our knowledge and experiences of behaving in an emotionally intelligent way.