The Paradoxes of Nuclear War. Fred Kaplan discusses The Bomb, and Sarah Lyall talks about new thrillers. Hilarious moment Pudge the bulldog growls and barks at a new couch pillow that looks just like her. Adorable Pudge, now three, is seen curled up in a semi-bow with its head resting against a grey sofa next to a bulldog pillow at home inMashpee, Massachusetts. Nurse celebrates surviving brain cancer 10 YEARS after being told it was terminal. Gemma Wensley, 37, of Exeter, Devon, even began planning her own funeral when she was told she had a inoperable brain tumour a decade ago. She said doctors don’t know how she was so lucky. The Met showcases Islamic art as a response to Trump’s Muslim ban. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York leads Islamic art tours to improve understanding of its contributions to the world heritage. Fred Katayama reports.Crown Princess Mary celebrates her 48th birthday with an age-defying new official portrait. A stunning new portrait has been released of Crown Princess Mary to mark the Danish royal’s 48th birthday on February 5. Many were quick to comment on how ‘ageless’ the Princess looks. Biden calls poor Iowa performance a ‘gut punch’. Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden vowed on Wednesday to go on fighting for the Democratic presidential nomination despite What does JJ Watt’s parents do How much is Jennifer Aniston paid he called “a gut punch” he took in Iowa’s contest where partial results showed the political veteran lagging in fourth place. Zachary Goelman reports. Dimitri Payet scores wonder goal from the narrowest of angles against St Etienne. Dimitri Payet scored a contender for goal of the season in France on Wednesday after netting from a near impossible angle in Marseille’s win over St Etienne.The Rail Content Is On the Move. This blogs regular features, including live race analysis and news and notes from Joe Drape, Melissa Hoppert and others, can now be found on the sports home page. Mumbai Police Play a Trick on Honking Drivers. It involves a red light hooked to a decibel meter, and the timer resets when harsh horns get too loud. Now, other cities are inquiring. Body cam footage shows police searching for ‘intruder’ that was just a Roomba. Sheriff’s deputies in Washington County responded to a 911 call from a couple on Tuesday that said someone was in their bathroom and they could see shadows moving under the door.Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu admits force can’t track 3,000 suspects on its radar. MetAssistant Commissioner Neil Basu said the sheer scale of the challenge meant that officers needed the public’s help to stop future terror attacks and urged people to be ‘vigilant.’. This Is Not Your Crazy Uncles XFL. A more sober league, dedicated to football, not gimmicks, starts up this weekend, 19 years after the old league shut down. Kirk Douglas’ last family photo Late star is seen sitting proudly among four generations. The late Kirk Douglas was pictured sitting proudly among four generations in his last family photo from a meal in August last year. Facebook and Google bosses ‘will be held liable for online harm including terror and child abuse’. Culture Secretary Baroness Morgan is set to appoint Ofcom to enforce a legal duty of care demanding online giants operating in Britain shield children from abuse and self-harm material. Climate protests shut BP’s London headquarters on CEO’s first day. Climate protesters forced BP to temporarily shut down its London headquarters on Wednesday, the first day in office for the oil and gas company’s new CEO Bernard Looney.Married At First Sight’s Elizabeth Sobinoff flaunts slender figure at Angie Kent’s birthday bash. She’s lost a whopping 10kg since she appeared on Married At First Sight last year. Iraq Names New Prime Minister Who Praises Bravery of Protesters. Anti-government demonstrations have been raging since October, demanding an end to political corruption. Terrifying moment a grumpy coastal carpet python suddenly lashes out at a Brisbane snake catcher. The terrifying moment a coastal carpet python struck out at a Queensland snake handler, almost devouring his camera, was shared online. Mass measles inoculation drive is planned with up to 45MILLION children. Gavi, a London-based public-private health partnership, said its ambitious plan would help protect youngsters in Asia and Africa. 100 models sign Victoria’s Secret letter decrying ‘culture of misogyny, bullying, and harassment’. A letter signed by 100 models urges Victoria’s Secrets CEO John Mehas to end What is the official NFL game ball Where should I stay in New England in the summer a campaign group describe as an ‘entrenched culture of misogyny’ at the lingerie chain. China, Desperate to Stop Coronavirus, Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor. The authorities hunt What does BBC stand for in slang What better an Emmy or a Golden Globe people from Wuhan, the center of the outbreak, encouraging citizens to inform on others. Even those without symptoms are being ostracized. Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl? Its the Role She Was Born to Play. The halftime show demands a pop unicorn. Twenty-one years into a music career that doesnt always get enough credit, J. Lo is ready to take center stage. Britt Eklandreturns to the stage in The Cat And The Canary. Britt Ekland has led an extraordinary life with an array of husbands and lovers who include Peter Sellers, Rod Stewart, Warren Beatty and the Queen’s cousin, Lord Lichfield.