Family and Marriage Counseling

Valley Anger Management understands each individual’s family needs are unique. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of services guiding clients and families through misunderstandings that cause conflict, anger, stress and depression. Compassion, empathy and understanding within families, child/parent relationships and in-laws can be nurtured, leading to compromising solutions. This allows members of the family to feel confident in trusting one another and forges stronger, healthier and balanced family relationships.

Today’s society is filled with stressors in the home, the workplace and school. If stressors are ignored and allowed to continue they create undesirable and destructive interactions. The stress overflows from one member of the family to another causing emotional distress, anger and dysfunctional relationships. The emotional strain caused by stressors hurts family members physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is important to understand and remember.

You Will Learn

Are unresolved feelings of resentment, disappointment or anger holding you back?

We teach the ways of accepting and repairing unresolved family issues and that letting go of emotional pain caused by our loved ones relieves undesired negative feelings.

Does your care and concern for others often lead to emotional or financial loss?

Learning how to put your needs first is in the best interest of yourself and members of the family. Stop the cycle of codependency.

Are you unable to forgive yourself and others?

We all encounter issues that make us angry and resentful towards people we love and care about. This anger holds us back and keeps us from moving forward. We will guide you, step by step, through the process of letting go, forgiving and moving on to create healthy relationships in all facets of your life. Stop holding grudges.

Have you set healthy limits and boundaries?

Do people get you to do things you would rather not do or do you get the feeling that people are taking advantage of you? If this is the case you need to learn how to set firm limits and boundaries for yourself. Don’t be a victim of manipulation.

Are you fulfilling your needs?

Are you striving to fill an emptiness in yourself that is never satisfied? Here at Valley Anger Management we teach you how to identify your needs and steps to take to fulfill them.

Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?

Do you welcome positive changes to your life or are you resistant to change? We teach the benefits of growth mindsets and how fixed mindsets can create unnecessary problems in our lives. Learn to neutralize and prevent everyday irritants from becoming sources of stress by simply changing the way you think.

Proceeding Forward

alley Anger Management’s years of experience working with families, children, individuals, couples, and groups provides us with a wealth of extensive knowledge and wisdom that we apply to each session. We utilize a collaborative, interactive and empathetic approach designed to guide clients and families in learning and understanding how to meet each other’s needs avoiding unnecessary conflict so that they are able to communicate constructively and live in harmony with one another.

We also specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a very effective and quick approach for reducing and eliminating fears, anxiety, stress, obsessive compulsiveness, phobias, and depression. By focusing on a person’s mood and understanding that their mood has a direct correlation to the way they think. It presents the opportunity to identify flawed or maladaptive thoughts that directly impact a person’s behavior, self-confidence and overall well being. It is our goal to uncover these harmful thought patterns and intervene through goal-oriented systematic procedures guiding the person in learning to identify their negative thought patterns, evaluate them and replace them with healthy thinking.


We enjoy working within the diverse multicultural environment that is Southern California providing guidance to clients and families of all ethnic backgrounds.