Facts About Anger

Anger is an inherent emotion that even the most happiest of people experience it from time to time. It is a mixture of frustration and fear that wells up in the pit of the stomach! It is a very natural emotion that helps to defend oneself but when it goes out of hand, it can wreak havoc and that is when one should immediately seek professional help!

Learn about some of the facts about anger that you probably wasn’t aware of:

  • Anger is not ‘just an emotion’. It has grave psychological effects as well that range from sweating to racing heartbeats, increase in blood pressure to blood rushing to the head.
  • Everybody gets angry, but everybody doesn’t need help. It is not as simple as ‘he/she is an angry person’. It is a lot more complication than that as it ranges in scale varying from annoyance to ‘hulk’ rage.
  • It is not just caused due to a ‘person’. There are outside factors as well such as dehydration, exhaustion and hunger.
  • Believe it or not, humor can actually combat anger. Humor is something that is enjoyed by all and a light laugh helps to break the attention and stress.
  • Often anger is associated with ‘masculinity’. Boys and girls are taught different ways of handling anger. Women express it by being emotional and resentful whereas men turn violent and abusive.
  • Low to moderate levels of anger is actually considered helpful, motivating even.
  • Health conditions such as stroke and heart attack are linked with uncontrollable angry outbursts. You can DIE!
  • Perfectionists suffer from severe levels of anger!!