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The Expert Advised Anger Management Tips For Taking Care of Elderly Parents

30/03/2017 by vam | No Comments

We always look up to our parents to take care of us, be it emotionally or mentally. But there comes a time when due to age, they become highly dependent on us, and it becomes our utmost duty to take care of their good, to worse moods! Age is a huge factor that causes mental […]

4 Ways Stress is Wrecking Your Sleep and How Can You Fix It!

27/03/2017 by vam | No Comments

We all suffer from stress. And it is a situation from which we all can run but never hide. Whether it is a work related issue or an ensuing problem in our lives, stress is inevitable. The effects of stress can be varied, but usually when faced with a demanding situation, we often have a […]

Manage Workplace Anxiety This Summer with Stress and Anger Counselling Techniques

21/03/2017 by vam | No Comments

Feeling stressed out and frazzled in office due to the work pressure, boredom and failed deadlines is a normal affair. There will be days you feel blue, at a loss while trying to figure things out. From loss of concentration to demotivation, an array of negative feelings and low emotions run inside you. Apart from […]

7 Tips On How To Control Anger And Save Your Relationship!

14/03/2017 by vam | No Comments

Anger is an emotion that has the potential to rupture our lives if not taken control of. Constructive anger while can act as a motivator, uncontrollable rage becomes the cause of our downfall and often leads to violence. Anger can ruin relationships! There is no doubting the fact that unanswered rage can disrupt the balance […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Control Your Anger!

10/03/2017 by vam | No Comments

Humans are beings made of a variety of emotions clubbed together. Anger, though a secondary emotion, is very much a part of our lives. It cannot be ignored but definitely can be subdued. It is common to be bogged down by a number of troubling issues ensuing in our lives, be it our professional lives […]

Exam Stress Causing Sudden Rage? Here are Some Quick Anger Management Tips!

07/03/2017 by vam | No Comments

The season of exam is here, and the students are into a state of multiple emotions. From the hopes and dreams they are supposed to achieve to the consequent stress build up, exams cause a whirlwind of contrasting feelings to nurture in the minds of the youth. Be it the topper or the one who […]

A Step-by-Step Guide To Turn Your (extreme) Anger into Motivation

28/02/2017 by vam | No Comments

Every one of us deals with anger issues. Some are less angry, others take it to the extreme level; some shrug it off with their big smile, others insist on it and let the outburst affect their life’s decisions. Which one of these categories do you fall into? If your underlying and unsettled emotions are […]

Dealing With Stress and Going For Apt Anger Management Therapy During Summer

23/02/2017 by vam | No Comments

Being grumpy, cranky and stressful in summer is usual, considering the seasonal affective disorder which affects about 4% to 6% of the U.S. population. The onset of summer triggers their depression, and brings in mood swings with a range of contrasting emotions become a part of their existence. The hormonal fluctuations also give way to […]

5 Ways Anger Manifests Itself and How You Can Control It!

22/02/2017 by vam | No Comments

To begin with, negative emotions as they are widely recognised stems out of unrealised expectations. Anger is just a reflection of these negative emotions which affects the interpersonal relations, interferes with the achievement of goals and has adverse impacts on physical and mental well-being. With an increased flow of adrenaline and cortisol in the body, […]

Go Ahead and Get Mad; But The Constructive Way!

21/02/2017 by vam | No Comments

Anger is an emotion that if let unanswered for a long time turns into rage. As a basic human instinct, anger is a secondary emotion that spurns out of the primary ones which include fear, anxiety and angst. Since wrath can have both physical and mental consequences, modern psychologists recognise it is a very natural […]

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