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Say Goodbye To Stress With Multi meditation Techniques

01/05/2017 by vam | No Comments

In this age digitalization and fierce competition, the race for survival or to be the best is getting tougher. Happiness seems to be an illusion as contentment is escaping from each and every sphere of life with people renewing goals at the drop of a hat. Sky is the only possible limit for them. In […]

Healthy Relationship: What To Do If Your Partner Is (always) Angry?

26/04/2017 by vam | No Comments

Yes, anger is a very common emotion; healthy, to an extent, if you can channelize it well. However, what should you do if you have landed yourself in a relationship where your partner is angry most of the time? Because, while you may not necessarily be the reason why she/he is fuming, anger is an […]

A Comprehensive Understanding Of Family Counselling: Why Seek It?

25/04/2017 by vam | No Comments

The family is the most important social unit. When people are related to each other by birth or marriage or live in the same house, they are considered to be family. This is, however, a basic definition. Modern psychologists define it as anyone who plays a supportive role, long term though in one’s life. A […]

5 Effective Ways Students Can Bid Adieu To The Exam Stress Monster

22/04/2017 by vam | No Comments

Every student, once in their life, gets cold feet before appearing for an examination. This feeling of fear and going down the fall can be very overwhelming, clogging your mind, disrupting your ability to think properly. But if you let it go unanswered, it can become a major threat later in your life and the […]

Curb Violence Against Women: 3 Steps To Reduce Domestic Violence

18/04/2017 by vam | No Comments

We have been living in a society that has been dominated by men since the dawn of civilisation thousands of years of back. With every passing day, the news of one women being affected by domestic violence hits the front page. It is a shame that even when humans have reached the moon and achieved […]

Identifying 6 Types of Anger: So Which One Are You?

17/04/2017 by vam | No Comments

Though identified as a primary emotion which we all face often (if not all the time), anger can be uncomfortable if not dealt with properly. When expressed in a positive way, anger can be a great motivator, helping you realise all your dreams, achieving your goals. But the moment it goes out of control, it […]

5 Ways Anger is Hurting Your Health (and you are not aware of it!)

14/04/2017 by vam | No Comments

Yes, you have heard this quite a few times that anger is a very normal emotion. Expressing anger from time to time can be healthy, but nothing of too much can ever be nice. Uncontrollable wrath not only makes you sad and depressed, but also contributes towards a weak health. Not answering your anger issues […]

“It’s Not You!”— 5 Possible Reasons Why Your Relationships Never Last

07/04/2017 by vam | No Comments

It’s okay!!! If one relationship doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. Pull yourself up, and hopefully the next one will be better and something that lasts longer; or to say that in Hollywoodesque way, it can be your “happily ever after”. However, If you’re one of those who, despite all your […]

Why Family Counselling? 5 Effective Benefits of Family Therapy

03/04/2017 by vam | No Comments

To begin with, there is a famous quote which reads, “Charity begins at home.” Through the years following the dawn of civilisation, humans almost immediately realised that social connections are important in order to survive. And family is the first place where we learn about the social norms. Thus, it is evident that having a […]

The Expert Advised Anger Management Tips For Taking Care of Elderly Parents

30/03/2017 by vam | No Comments

We always look up to our parents to take care of us, be it emotionally or mentally. But there comes a time when due to age, they become highly dependent on us, and it becomes our utmost duty to take care of their good, to worse moods! Age is a huge factor that causes mental […]

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