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Valley Anger Management ,Inc
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Valley Anger Management

A leading innovator in the field of behavior modification, Valley Anger Management offers highly effective, domestic violence, anger and stress management solutions for people of all ages. Our courses are offered for convenience, both online and in traditional classroom settings, cover everything from anger and stress management and domestic violence, family counseling, executive coaching, workplace training, solutions brief therapy, narrative brief therapy, substance abuse, collaborative therapy and hypnotherapy. Our strategically planned online programs for adolescent, adults, couples, corporations and families help eliminate the destructive vise of anger and the devastation of stress. Our effective tips, suggestions and solutions can end anger flare-ups and drive stress from your life.

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Our Proven system:

Valley Anger Management’ strategic approach and methodology help clients choose the most effective training programs for their unique needs. We place great emphasis on our client’s assessment before they may enroll in any of our programs suitable to the client’s requirement. Six levels of human behavior are used as parameters to obtain meaningful information about a client’s needs.

  • Means of dealing with anger
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Ways of stress management
  • Level of empathy
  • Level of assertive communication skills
  • Motivation to change

Do I need this?

Reasons you need this course

  • If you are constantly being told that you are not listening but you think you are, Valley Anger Management can help you.
  • If you are endangering your personal relationships, work relationships or yourself you need this course.
  • If you do not know how to communicate and compromise with your partner and you are unhappy you need this course.
  • If you are facing the same problems again and again and nothing is resolved, Valley Anger Management can help you.
  • If you believe relationships don’t last this course will change your mind.
  • Most people would benefit from taking this course for the simple fact that it can be used as a guide to help create
    your own solutions for your own problems. This is one of the main functions of communication

Take control of your emotions; before they control you

The hour-long sessions, offered individually or in a group setting, helps clients learn coping skills to curtail frenzied and ill-tempered behavior. The courses different modules promote positive thinking by influencing thought patterns, which enables clients to get a better grip on their emotional outbursts. A combination of the training programs, workbooks, classroom knowledge and techniques is effective in developing emotional control.